GoPro Karma Grip Test at Smith Creek

My Experience

The GoPro Karma Grip is a must-have tool if you plan on using your GoPro for well, anything the GoPro is supposed to be used for other than stationary mounting.

I recently acquired my Karma Grip as a gift, and it’s been the most useful filming tool that I’ve used yet, aside from the GoPro itself.

As you’ve seen in the 2017 Compilation Video (if you haven’t, it’s on the home page) most if not all of the video is a bit shaky. This is fine if you’re not looking to make anything of your video, or you specifically are wanting a shaky video (to each their own). The Karma Grip solves this issue, in my opinion, far better than I expected.

This past weekend I headed up to one of my favorite fishing spots that I recently posted about, Smith Creek, to give it a try for the first time out in the field, and I was honestly shocked at how smooth the video turned out.

The Karma Grip includes a mounting ring that allows you to mount the grip on any mount that you would typically mount just your GoPro to, so I decided to give my GoPro Chesty Mount a shot!

Below I’ve included pros, cons, and videos to show you the difference between the standard GoPro shot (compilation video), and the Karma Grip shots (Smith Creek)!


Get your GoProKarma Grip, and Chesty Mount here!


Pros & Cons


  • Excellent stabilization, far better and more stable than I expected.
  • Karma Grip charges your GoPro as soon as it’s powered on.
  • Includes harness for Hero 5 Black, and Hero 6 Black. (Hero 4 harness sold separately).
  • Easy mounting to almost any GoPro mount that you can find.
  • Overall construction seems very solid and durable.
  • Battery life is claimed to be 1hr 45min on GoPro’s website, but mine only seemed to make it about an hour and fifteen minutes or so before powering off.
  • The battery is not changeable. If you want multiple batteries, you have to buy extra handles for the unit, which run about $99 ea.



GoPro without Karma Grip, using only GoPro’s built-in stabilization:

GoPro with Karma Grip, with GoPro built-in stabilization enabled:

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  1. Brian

    As a football coach, we were trying to use the go pros on our qbs helmets so during film study we can analyze what our players were seeing, I think the karma grip would definitely help, stabilize our some of the shakiness. Battery time I’m not too worried about. Thank you for the comparison, and product review we will definitely give this. a shot

  2. Garrett

    This is really cool. Me and my brothers love to hike trails and ride dirt bikes.
    We are planning to start a YouTube channel so we can share our adventures.
    But the only thing is that we haven’t decided on a camera to use yet.
    So i am glad that I came across this article, exactly what I was looking for. I am definitely going to sendd this to my bro. Do you know where the best place to buy? Thanks, great review.

    1. Gabriel

      Awesome! The GoPro and Karma Grip are a great combo for that! I’ve run and shaken mine around pretty fiercely and still got relatively smooth video, especially when you compare video side by side! 

      While I got my GoPro at REI and my Karma Grip at Best Buy, Amazon has the best deal on the Hero 5 Black, I believe it’s around $260 (There’s a link in the review) and the Karma Grip is $299 almost anywhere you buy it (give or take $5)

      Hope this helps!

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