Chattooga River, an Aerial View

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In the last email, I let everyone know of plans to check out the snorkel hole at the Conasauga River, camp out for the weekend, and get some of the first shots in the mountains with the new drone. Sadly, as Georgia weather is as unpredictable as always, the trip got rained out. We were going to spend the whole weekend there, but it stormed all weekend. So that promise got postponed, and for that, I apologize.

Because that was the only weekend that work and other obligations have allowed for the whole weekend to be spent in the woods, we took a day trip to the Chattooga River this past Saturday where we’ve been backpacking many, many times.


The Drone

The Mavic Pro. It was our number one choice because it has many features that benefit the outdoors enthusiast such as the “follow me” feature, which allows the drone to follow me while I fish without having to control it. It has an exceptional range to fly, 4K video, and it’s extremely compact for those longer hikes.

Again, since the Conasauga River trip got canceled the video below at the Chattooga River is the first drone video that we’ve made in the mountains, as well as the first video I’ve ever made with Adobe After Effects.

We hope you like it and thanks for watching!



As you can tell there’s a lot of learning still to be done both in filming techniques and editing skills, but all in all I think we did pretty well for the first time taking it to the woods.

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