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Hey Guys!

I have HUGE news!

If you follow us on facebook you’ve probably already heard the news, but I can go a bit more in depth here at

I’ve been chosen to be an ambassador for an amazing company called Madera Outdoor & I’ve been sent some gear to check out from a company called Bone On Sportswear! This is a huge step for Explore North Georgia, as our follow count is just picking up! So thanks to you guys, this is possible!

Bone On Sportswear – 

First off, huge thanks to Eli at Bone On Sportswear for setting me up with some amazing fishing gear. I’ve had the chance to check out the Outfitter Shirt, Sunset Henley Shirt, and the Heritage Chambray Shirt!

The quality of these shirts are literally unmatched. The Outfitter is definitely my favorite though. It’s durable, versatile, and on top of that, it even looks amazing. I’ve worn it out on the water and to look nice going to dinner with my girlfriend’s parents. What more can you ask for in a shirt? Definitely, check them out, you won’t regret it!

Check this Bone On Sportswear video out!

Madera Outdoor –

Second, I’ve been chosen to be an ambassador for a company called Madera Outdoor! Madera is a company that primarily sells hammocks and similar gear, but they’re on another mission, and it’s definitely one to take part in!

Madera is partnered with an organization called Trees for the Future, of which has planted over 115 million trees all over the world since 1989! Through this partnership, Madera has been able to plant over 10,255 of those trees!

With this being said, here’s how they do it. For every hammock sold by Madera, their partnership can plant two trees. Makes perfect sense right? It takes two trees to hang a hammock. No trees, no hammock.

Here’s the really important part though. From their website:

“Madera Hammock Co. projects include support to Sub-Saharan Africa, where entire forests have been cut down leaving the population subject to the effects of flooding, resulting in much of the remaining farmland washing away.

Our current projects involve the countries of Uganda, Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania, and Cameroon. With our support in developing garden forests, Madera provides farming families with sustainable sources of food, livestock fodder, fuel, and forest products to consume and sell at nearby markets.”


Want to join in on this cause? Madera has a tool called a “deal wheel“. All you have to do to spin it is add a valid email address, and you can get up to 90% off. This is an amazing cause that not only gets you a hammock, but in the process, your helping change peoples lives. Click the banner below to read more about their mission, and give it a go at the deal wheel, what do you have to lose?


Also, you can click this link to see all the hammocks Madera offers!



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